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In a land of beauty and breathtaking views, the food can only be as amazing as the wonderful scenery. Surround yourself with a unique atmosphere, enjoy the scents and flavors, and let us guide you in a journey through the traditional Mediterranean cuisine. Our passion and commitment is our strength.

We hope you will appreciate our menu, totally inspired by the local tradition, featuring only the freshest organic ingredients grown in our own gardens.

We will try our best to accommodate any special request you may have, even if not available on this list. Enjoy your meal!



Citrus-scented lobster salad with celery, tomatoes, olives, onions and avocado

Red tuna tartare with yellow datterino tomatoes, fresh buffalo ricotta cheese and capers

King prawns, octopus and vegetables tempura

Carne salada with crunchy egg, fresh ricotta cheese and Parmigiano cheese

Tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella salad

Mixed sauteed vegetables with curry and tofu

Raw red prawns, scampi, seabass, oysters Cantabrian anchovies with ginger and sauces




Pasta & Soups

Cream of Provolone del monaco cheese, local black truffle flakes

Seafood, squids, red prawns, raw oysters, cherry tomatoes

Canadian lobster bites, cherry tomatoes

Citrus-scented ricotta cheese, Datterino tomatoes, mussels, clams

Stuffing of prawns, zucchini concasse, stracciatella fresh cheese

Clams, extra virgin olive oil

Broth with local chicken, meat stuffed ravioli, onion

Tubetti pasta, Tondino beans, bacon


Soup of catch of the day, squids, prawns, scampi, seafood, Vesuvian cherry tomatoes

Roasted seabass with potatoes, crunchy green asparagus,
asparagus cream, lemon, extra virgin olive oil

Fried squids, mixed herbs salad, Aioli sauce, Marinara sauce

Red Mazara prawns, cauliflower cream, crunchy bacon, dried and fried sweet pepper

Roasted Amberjack with sauce of tomatoes, capers, olives and zucchini


Sliced veal shank, mixed vegetables, spaghetti couscous

Baked, mustard-scented lamb loin, spinaches

Beef fillet with baked potatoes, black garlic sauce, pepper sauce

Chicken rolls, mixed vegetables, smoked scamorza cheese, broccoli

T-Bone Steak (17 oz), vegetables, French fries


tCoconut panna cotta with almond pralines on a passion fruit flavored biscuit

 Lemon creamu mousse with diced apple with choloate icing and almond biscuit

Mousse with white fondant and ruby chocolate on a cocoa cookie

Pistachio cake with red berries gelee, prosecco bavarian cream and wild berries


Our pastry chef’s selection

Sliced seasonal fruit

Artisanal ice cream

Chef’s preferred cheeses and matching flavors


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