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Traditions, style and life

Positano is a small pearl of the Amalfi Coast, set in the mountains that in the winter assume the appearance of a nativity scene, whilst in the summer becomes a triumph of vivid colours, thanks to the terraced houses, the flowers and the varied vegetation.

Dominated by the Lattari mountains that end as high cliffs overlooking the sea, it offers panorama of breathtaking beauty. Positano offers diverse attractions.

The most important beach is Spiaggia Grande.

Situated in the centre of the town and surrounded by diverse boutiques, it offers a panoramic view of the entire town.

Less crowded but no less fascinating, is Fornillo Beach that takes its name from an oven that was once found in that area.  Also to visit, reaching them by sea are the beaches of Arienzo and Laurito, the latter surrounded by several restaurants and hotels.


What to do and what to see in Positano

> Art & Culture

In the main square of the town, near Spiaggia Grande (Positano’s main beach), is the famous Church of Santa Maria dell’Assunta. The building owes its origin to the presence of a Byzantine icon depicting the Black Madonna with child in her lap whilst its fame is mostly due to the dome covered with majolica tiles. 

Not to be missed is also Chiesa del Rosario and what remains of an ancient monastery that surrounded the area of what is now Piazza dei Mulini. Here you can admire some headstones and a roman sarcophagus with its representation of Bacco. Worthy of note is also the Medieval Crypt and the Roman Villa of the 1st century BC whose remains were only recently discovered.

> Fashion Positano

The term “Moda Positano” (Positano Fashion) has become a true mark of quality. This fashion has a humble origin, sinking its roots in the post war period when due to economic restraints, craftsmen where forced to reuse scraps of material derived from the process of silk, jute, lace etc.

The ancient custom of manufacturing combined with the imagination of the people of Positano gave birth to clothes, bags, hats, belts, sarongs and swimming costumes.

Although ancient in origin, “Moda Positano” tends to follow the trends of the most famous designers.

> Handmade Sandals

No less famous is the production of handmade sandals of great craftsmanship, creativity and inspiration.

In just a few steps, these expert craftsmen are able to create on demand elegant and comfortable sandals made to measure.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis remains the most famous of all the greatest admirers however thousands of women worldwide remain fascinated by the sandals of Positano.

> Adventure

Positano offers various opportunities for adventure, hiking in unspoiled places, where the air is pure and the time seems to stand still.

Via a long stairway from Positano, you reach Nocelle, where the Walk of the Gods begins, probably one of the most beautiful paths to experience.

Offering a panorama of the coast that is unique in the world and surrounded by lush and wild vegetation, you can also find the ruins of old houses and historic buildings. For the adventurous, the famous island of “Li Galli” may also be visited.

Celebrated by Homer as the dwelling of the Sirens who had bewitched Ulysses with their song, it is a decisively mystical and fascinating place.

> Events and Festivals

Other than a constant sucession of cultural events such as “Mare, Sole e Culture” (Sea, Sun and Cultre), Positano boasts the honour of hosting the famous “Premio Danza” (Dance Award) dedicated to Leonide Massine. 

Numerous illustrous names have come to Positano to be awarded, both the famous and not so famous and of course the soon to become famous.

Many have gained recognition as a result of this award.  Among those who have come to receive this much saught after award are Béjart , Vassiliev, Maximova, Makarova, Babilée, Versace, Carla Fracci, Luciana Savignano, Elisabetta Terabust, Luigi Bonino, Roberto Bolle, Giuseppe Picone. 

It is remembered in encyclopedias and dictionaries, mentioned by both theatre and tourist companies as the event of the year during the course its 40 years.

There are also many religious festivals celebrated by the people of Positano including the festival of the town’s patron saint San Vito on 15 June, the festival of San Pietro on 29 June, the festival of the Madonna delle Grazie on 2 July in the faction of Montepertuso, the festival of the Madonna del Carmelo on 16 July in the faction of Nocelle and the festival of the Madonna dell’Assunta on 15 August.  Noted for its traditional firework display, the festival of the Madonna dell’Assunta is a classic summer event of the Coast; an exceptional performance form the sea that offers all its guests an evening to be framed.

The food festivals, such as fish festival or the Zeppola festival sees the town actively participating in the culinary experience.

Various restaurants offer visitors typical dishes of the coast: spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti and clams), impepate di cozze (peppered mussels) and dishes with a base of fish that will enliven your palate, as well as cheese and mozzarella products from the nearby Lattari mountains and the not to be missed pizza.

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