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Amalfi Coast

Visit Amalfi and its coast, the emotions are guaranteed!

Remembered by all for having been one of the Marine Republics, Amalfi is one of the splendid towns of the Amalfi Coast with cliffs overhanging the sea. Amalfi is distinguished by the presence of several inlets that create amazing spectacles of nature, such as the Emerald Grotto or the Fiord of Furore, which owes its name to the loud noise of the waves, that especially on windy days, run shivers down your spine.

One of the most important buildings in Amalfi is the Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Andrew, the apostle. Introduced by a long staircase that leads to bronze doors, it was constructed in the 10th century, combining the most varied architectural styles, Arabic, Norman and gothic. The interior, decisively more baroque, leads to the Cloister of Paradise, where the architecture is exclusively Arab-Norman.

Amalfi is one of the most vibrant towns.

Along with the Patron festival of Saint Andrea that is celebrated on 27 June and 30 November, it offers a series of diverse festivals and celebrations.

The festival of the lemons, that of the sfogliatella and that of the pumpkin and zucchini are just some to name a few.

Of the most important events surely remembered is the historic Four Maritime Republic Regatta that is hosted by Amalfi every four years.

Amalfi Coast nature trails

Thirst for adventure? In the coast, you will be spoiled for choice!

Positano and its surrounds offer nature trails and environment of incredible appeal. Being immersed in nature is a magical experience well worth living.

The enchanting Walk of the Gods we have already spoken of in the page dedicated to the city of Positano, is just one of the possible contacts with nature that this terrain offers. Always departing from Positano, specifically from the >village of Montepertuso which forms part of Positano, you can take a long walk that will lead you to the top of Monte Sant’Angelo. From here you will have an exceptional view of the Gulf of Naples, all the while passing through steep cliffs and wild vegetation, until you arrive at a point where it is possible to see some of the most unique views in the world such as the archipelago of Li Galli or .

From Ravello, instead, it is possible to reach the centre of Minori. Passing through Valle di Sambuco, between the convent of Saint Nicholas and the Sanctuary of the Advocate, you will experience quiet and inner peace, in places where the silence is broken only by the wildlife.

Other possible paths also involve Amalfi. You can in fact, reach the ancient Marine Republic, passing through the natural reserve of Valle delle Ferriere, an area decisively rich in vegetation with chestnuts and lemon trees that trace the path to Amalfi.

These are just some of the paths that the lovers of adventure, trekking or long walks may encounter to experience fully the essence and the purity of the Amalfi Coast.


Treat yourself to Ravello for moments of art and tranquility

Ravello is an important destination for those who wish to visit the Amalfi Coast in its entirety.

Close to Positano and therefore easily reachable from the Eden Roc hotel, Ravello is situated 350 metres above sea level.

Characterised by very particular architecture, the town has as its major attraction the Cathedral, constructed in 1086.

At one time dedicated to Mary of the Assumption and then later to Saint Pantaleone, it is dominated by a central door in Bronze.

Of great importance other than the Cathedral are the churches of San Giovanni Del Toro and that of Santa Maria a Gradillo.

During your visit to Ravello, the marvelous Villa Rufolo must not be missed. Dating from the thirteenth century and characterised by architecture of Arab-Sicilian and gardens of unique beauty, it is renowned also for being the fountain of inspiration for the composer Richard Wagner.

Less famous, but just as beautiful is Villa Cimbrone, which offers unparallel views and atmosphere.

The coral museum, founded in 1986, has on display cameos, shells and carvings of absolute quality.

Apart from its religious festivals and celebrations, the town is today famous from a musical point of view, hosting the renowned “Ravello Festival”.

With its tranquility and its artistic and cultural importance, Ravello is absolutely an obligatory stop for those wishing to experience the Amalfi Coasts in its fullness.

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